Members Exclusive Offer - Membership Free Gifts Promotion 2019 Vol.6!!

◆Membership Free Gifts Promotion 2019 Vol.6◆
(period: November 1st, 2019 ~ December 31st, 2019)
*We will release the result of it on around January 15th, 2020.

Condition Gift Detail Number of winners


our free
MAYO 森田真結子(Mayuko Morita) DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER 2018 DARTSLIVE Card (with her signature on the backside of the card) 1 person
"THE WORLD" AA darts Super Limited Theme Dartslive Card 5 persons
"Limited" Saint-Seiya(聖闘士星矢) Series 3 Movie Themes & Ryu-ga-gotoku Kiwami2 Movie Theme DARTSLIVE Card 1 person
3000 JPY (800TWD) reward points 1 person
2000 JPY (500TWD) reward points 1 person
1000 JPY (250TWD) reward points 5 persons
500 JPY (150TWD)) reward points 20 persons

-free gift detail-

detail - grand card prize : MAYO 森田真結子(Mayuko Morita) DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER DARTSLIVE card

MAYO came AA darts shop to hold an event, and she prepared a super gift for everyone!!
It has a her signature on backside of the card!
It is a super valuable card, MAYO also only have last few cards!
This is a super chance to get the super rare card!!

detail - 1st card prize : "THE WORLD" AA darts Super Limited Theme Dartslive Card

Our "THE WORLD" Super Limited Theme Card!! (Theme is exclusive one, other players cannot copy it)

detail - 2nd card prize : Saint-Seiya(聖闘士星矢) Series 3 Movie Themes, Ryu-ga-gotoku kiwami2 movie theme

"If you purchase over 1,000JPY, then you can get the chance to win!!"

And if you purchase...
Over 2,000JPY = "Double" your win rate,
Over 3,000JPY = "Triple" your win rate, and so on!
If you purchase more and more, your winning rate will be getting higher and higher!!

(We will calculate your win rate from your total purchase price in this campaign period.)


This promotion is only for our free members, if you would like to get chances to win prizes, you need to sign up AA membership first.

*When you sign up our membership, you will receive a confirmation E-mail.
It possibly will be sent to your junk mail folder, please check there if you can't find the E-mail.

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