【Aug.21st Updated - We can ship out orders normally to Hawaii, Germany, Australia(EMS), etc now】

Because of a lot of countries closing their borders due to COVID-19,
the Taiwanese postal service cannot ship parcels to certain countries through regular shipping.
We only can use DHL express shipping for those countries.
Thus, because the shipping speed is higher than usual, the fee will also be higher.

Five particular countries where DHL express shipping is required are:
- Canada
- Philippines
- Spain
- Croatia
- Ireland

【We are still shipping out orders normally to U.S., Hawaii, U.K., Germany, Australia, etc using regular shipping. 】
For all of our other customers in these countries, the shipping speed may be a bit slower than normal.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but these certainly are unprecedented times.
Thank you for understanding.

-DHL Shipping Fee-
Original Shipping fee Purchase over 4500JPY Purchase over 9000JPY
3500JPY 3100JPY 2700JPY